Driven leader always focusing on putting people first, possessing a dynamic blend of sales, marketing & promotional experience, complemented with over 10 years of customer oriented service. I specialize in acquiring, building and maintaining successful client relationships. My goal is to achieve full customer satisfaction, the first time.

Sales, marketing and promotions

Philadelphia native, Summer Solstyce, also known to many as Chenell Dickerson, originally went to Peirce College (Philadelphia Pa, 2006) where she obtained a degree in Information Technology and has a successful career as a Technical Consultant for various companies for over 12 years. Although primarily working on computers, Summer’s passion for entertainment grew from working as a promotional model for several marketing companies, and appearing in local films, such as “Operation Get Rid of Pinky” (which debuted late 2010, produced by Chet Johnson and Matthew Merz), and “Sure Looks Good to Me” (a Lionel Cook film debuting in 2009). She also has appeared in a commercial for local tea shop, appearing on, and has worked on a role as a single mother for independent movie, “Right and Wrong” (RAG Productions), as well as appearing in Omillio Sparks' video "City is Mine". While working several IT Contracts and Marketing Campaigns, and was even in Limitless, a Neil Burger Production.

When not working on computers, acting or modeling, Summer is home playing the leading role as mother to her 3 children; Justin, Bianca and Madison. She enjoys reading, going to museums, and spending time with friends and family.  Summer’s newest venture is promoting and revamping her online designer boutique, Solstyce Closet, originally housed on Ebay, now will be marketed through Social Media. 

Summer is definitely a Star on the Rise, and will be making headline news pretty soon! Don’t believe it, just watch!.

Seasoned technical professional with a dynamic blend of experience and education bringing over 12 year’s experience- ranging from system analysis to administration, client support, technical documentation with management of special projects on the side.  I have worked in a 4000+ user environment and possess both solid leadership abilities and notable business operations expertise

Information Technology